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Our Goals 

LONG TERM PLANNING: Develop and aid in the implementation of a long-term positive plan for the Highway 78 corridor.

COORDINATE MEDIAN INSTALLATION: Coordinate median installation so that it benefits surrounding business and residential areas. Further maintain the landscaping along the median and roadside.

UPSCALE DESTINATION AREA: Turn Highway 78 into a pleasant upscale destination rather than a road to somewhere else.
SERVICES COORDINATION & IMPLEMENTATION: Implement services to Highway 78 Business owners, including security, and corridor maintenance.

IMPROVE LOCAL COMMUNICATION: Maintain communications between property owners, business owners, community leaders, and state, county, and local officials.

LONG TERM VITALITY: We want to ensure the development and implementation of coordinated transportation improvements that prioritize safety and maximize consumer access to businesses, contributing to the long-term vitality of the Highway 78 corridor.

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