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Posted: 4/8/2020
2020 Board of Directors Elections Postponed
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the CID Board Election scheduled for April 22 is cancelled and will be reset for a future date. 



NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN as provided in the GWINNETT COUNTY COMMUNITY IMPROVEMENT DISTRICTS ACT (Ga. L. 2001, p. 3709, et. seq.), that a caucus of Electors of the Evermore Community Improvement District shall be held on the 22nd day of April, 2020 at 2795 Main Street, Suite 28, Snellville, Georgia 30078. The purpose of the caucus is to elect Board Members to fill Posts 2 & 5 to serve on the Evermore Community Improvement District Board. Registration for the election shall be held from 2:00 o'clock p.m. to 2:30 o'clock p.m. Voting will occur immediately after every Elector who has arrived at the registration table by 2:30 o'clock p.m. has registered. A map of said District is on file with the Gwinnett County Clerk and the Gwinnett County Tax Commissioner. All Electors as designated under the Act are invited to attend and cast their votes.

Posted: 4/23/2015
EVERMORE CID PROPERTY OWNERS VOTE TO CONTINUE THE CID Chris Garner and Warren Auld unanimously reelected to Board Posts 3 and 6
By Evermore CID

Property owners in the Evermore CID voted unanimously to reauthorize the existence of the CID for an additional 6 years, in its monthly Board of Director’s meeting.  Founded twelve years ago, this marks the second, six year reauthorization of the first CID in Gwinnett County. 

During its same meeting, annual elections were conducted for two Board posts.  Chris Garner, was selected to remain in Post 3, and Warren Auld will continue his service to the Board in Post 6. 

Chris Garner, owner of Garner Building Supply, has lived and worked in the community for over 40 years.  He was first elected to the Board of Directors in 2011, and elected Chairman in 2012.  “We appreciate the opportunity to continue serving our community through the efforts of the CID, and look forward to furthering the initiatives of the Board and the CID property owners.  With this reauthorization, we have another six years to strengthen the project pipeline along the Highway 78 corridor”.

Post 6 will see Snellville attorney and former City Councilman, Warren Auld, continuing his service through 2018.  Mr. Auld’s prior experience as a Councilmember and as an attorney allows for lending his expertise from this perspective to the CID Board.

Each year, Board members also select the Chairman, Vice Chairman and Secretary/Treasurer of the organization.  Current Chairman, Chris Garner was reelected along with Vice Chairman Ron Harrison.  Both will continue to serve in their positions through 2016.  Bill Gower was also reelected as Secretary/Treasurer for the current term.

Posted: 12/30/2014
Evermore CID Receives GATEway Grant Funds
By Evermore CID

Evermore CID Receives GATEway Grant Funds

Evermore Community Improvement District is pleased to announce that it has been awarded $50,000 in GATEway grant funds through the Georgia Department of Transportation.

Funds will be used to purchase and install landscaping along US Highway 78.  Specifically, improvements will be made to the Fly-Over Bridge at West Park Place to include plant replacements, upgrades and drainage improvements. 

“We are very pleased to have been selected to receive these funds through GDOT.” remarked, Evermore Board Chairman Chris Garner.  “We appreciate the consideration given to the CID, and we will work hard to continue to achieve attractive aesthetics for our corridor, and for those traveling Highway 78.”

GDOT Gateway grants are used to enhance state routes, by funding enduring enhancements to roadsides utilized by the traveling public.  Grants are funded through revenues collected for permits to outdoor advertising companies which allow removal of trees and other vegetation from the front of billboards.  Award recipients are selected by the Roadside Enhancement and Beautification Council, a panel of 12 members appointed by the Governor.

More information on GATEway Grants is available at:

Posted: 4/22/2013
A New Kind Of Community
By Camie Young - Gwinnett Daily Post
STONE MOUNTAIN -- Every time he walked into another business, Kenny King knew that asking property owners to pay more taxes wouldn't be easy.

But with engineers already working on plans to add a median to U.S. Highway 78, threatening the future of the bustling business core, he and his neighbors clung to the only idea that could save their livelihood.

"It was a hard sell," said King, a landowner who worked to sign up property owners for Gwinnett's first community improvement district a decade ago. "But there was a need."

Many of the businessmen were familiar with Memorial Drive, a once-prosperous nearby DeKalb County route, where storefronts began to darken after a median separated traffic and made access to businesses more difficult. And they didn't want that to happen to them.

The CID concept was new to metro Atlanta, and selling a tax increase -- even a self-imposed one -- in a conservative county is a strange task. One by one, though, the owners signed on.

"I was glad that somebody stood up and took notice that we needed help," said Chris Garner, who was busy running his family's building supply store. He now serves as board chairman. "I knew there needed to be something done."
Ten years ago this month, the county's first community improvement district -- encompassing the 7.5 miles of U.S. 78 between Stone Mountain and Snellville -- was placed on the county tax rolls. Later dubbed Evermore, the quasi-governmental organization ushered in a new kind of community in Gwinnett.

Access and the economy

The beginning was the key to the Evermore CID.

With the median plans already in the works, leaders wanted more weight in the discussions, giving business owners some sway in the placement of median breaks.

Putting their own money into the mix added credibility, and sidewalks and other aesthetic features began to take root in the conversation.

Most agreed the end product was a success -- a safer road for commuters with as little distraction to business, and even a prettier environment.

Even a decade later, the business owners are still focused on the access issue. They have been working on a series of projects that will eventually create a parallel road nearly the entire length of the route.

Economic development has also been a big push, with many empty storefronts finding new use.
In fact, property values along the corridor rose by 33 percent before the economy turned in 2009. Since then, the values have returned to 2004 levels.

The economy has hampered the efforts, including stagnating aims to convert an Olympic tennis stadium at the western terminus of the CID into a concert venue or other mixed-use attraction.

Things haven't been easy. In fact, in 2010, a fight over the CID's director led to months of discord, the stalemate only ending with the death of a board member. Months later, the entire board, except for King, resigned in an attempt to move forward.

The journey over the last decade, though, has led the pack for a renewed effort at revitalization and a future of creating partnerships in the community.

Starting a trend

Within a few years of Evermore's creation, the owners of Gwinnett's oldest mall and its surrounding businesses banded together to form the Gwinnett Place CID and the businessmen in the aging Jimmy Carter/Indian Trail community signed up to create the Gwinnett Village CID.

More recently, people in areas of Lilburn and Braselton have created their own districts.

But that first effort was a test, and Chairwoman Charlotte Nash, who was the county administrator at the time, said many local officials didn't know what to expect.

"I believe that businesses were willing to sign up for the CID because they saw needs in the area and they liked the fact that decisions would be made by a board that represented the businesses that were funding the CID," she said, describing local government at its best.

She said the same repeated across the county.

"Businesses are looking for ways to improve their chances of success and to ensure they receive value for their dollars," she said. "CIDs offered a mechanism to generate funds that could be used to quickly and directly address issues, as well as to lay the groundwork for long-term improvements in partnership with local and state government."

Joe Allen, the executive director of the Gwinnett Place CID, said business owners in his area took note of the accomplishment.

"When we were forming the Gwinnett Place CID, knowing that the commercial property owners along Highway 78 had successfully formed a CID gave us inspiration during our formation period," he said, adding that the spread of the quasi-governmental organization has changed the landscape of Gwinnett. "We are bringing together partnerships that are working together to transform our specific areas of Gwinnett County. By strengthening those areas, we strengthen the county as a whole."

Renewed pride

In the CIDs like Evermore, the business owners' willingness to put their money where their mouth is has driven success.

Along the U.S. 78 corridor, the nearly $8 million in property taxes collected since 2004 has been matched by about $8 million in federal funding for projects. Plus, transportation and other projects have benefited from another nearly $8 million in state and county tax funds.

For King and Garner, who grew up along the U.S. 78 corridor, bringing some attention back to their community not only meant their businesses (or in King's case, land) could survive. But it also brought a renewed sense of pride.

After living here all my life, I definitely think it's better," Garner said. "The road is safer to travel and there's more shopping opportunities."

Nash agreed, adding that the sentiment has grown in all of the areas where CIDs were created.

"The CIDs have definitely played a major role in building a renewed sense of community in areas of the county that were struggling," she said. "Not only have the CIDs led efforts to improve public safety, aesthetics, redevelopment and transportation, but they work hard to manage perception. CIDs have (been) very effective in telling the positive stories about successes and promoting their areas."

Posted: 9/25/2012
Collector Road Project Gets Additional Funding from Atlanta Regional Commission
By Staff
A 4 ½ mile collector road project along Highway 78 will receive additional funding from the Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC), advancing the project funding goals by $283,000. During a recent review of the Walton Court / Old US 78 LCI (Livable Centers Initiative) project, the Evermore Community Improvement District (CID) requested that the Commission review the current funding to better understand if additional financial assistance could be applied to the collector road project.

After careful review, ARC has awarded an additional $283,000 in LCI funds to be applied to the Walton Ct. phase of what has become a 4 ½ mile collector road, beginning at Walton Court and terminating at Jessica Daron Court, just above Yellow River along Highway 78. “As we neared the end of the federal fiscal year, we began working to use an unobligated balance of federal funds that would otherwise have expired. So, we offered our LCI recipients an opportunity for additional funding on shovel ready projects,” said Dan Reuter, ARC’s Land Use Planning Division Chief. “This additional funding.... helped the Evermore CID keep their project moving on schedule.”

“The project is gaining traction, and is part of an overall vision for the Highway 78 Corridor, says CID Chairman, Chris Garner. “When complete, this collector road will enhance safety, improve signalization and provide for an alternative route for those traveling along Highway 78. We truly appreciate the efforts of ARC staff in responding to our request for further review of the project, and we look forward to fully developing these improvements in the coming years.”

Posted: 9/11/2012
Transportation Projects Funded With Assistance Grant From the Georgia DOT LMIG Program
By Staff

In a letter received last week from the Georgia Department of Transportation, the Evermore Community
Improvement District (CID) confirmed that it has been awarded $500,000 in LMIG (Local Maintenance Improvement Grant) funds to be applied to one of several connector road projects currently being developed along Highway 78.

In recent weeks, leadership from Evermore CID and Gresham Smith & Partners met with County, State and Georgia DOT officials to determine if a series of connector roads along US 78 would qualify for funding through the LMIG program.  The primary objective of these funds is to assist local agencies and governments in improving roads and highways in local jurisdictions. Generally, these funds are used for repair,maintenance, and “last mile connectivity.”  While there is no specific timeline for the project, the grant will enable the connector road at Old US 78 and Britt Road to be expedited. 

“We are very pleased the Georgia DOT, through the cooperation of Former Chairman Rudy Bowen, and Commissioner Keith Golden, has identified this phase of the connector road project as a priority and thus made this grant available for this Evermore CID road project. This ½ mile project is a centerpiece of two existing Federal Highway projects currently underway, and will ultimately tie together the vision for improving safety and creating alternatives for commuters traveling along Highway 78.” comments, CID Board Chairman Chris Garner.
Posted: 8/9/2012
Board Member Profile - Evermore Chairman, Chris Garner
By Staff
The CID’s Board of Directors this year selected Chris Garner to serve as Chairman for 2012-2013.
Every year, member property owners elect their Board of Directors to lead CID efforts. The CID Board then selects officers to take on expanded leadership roles.
Chris has a history of participating in CID initiatives, continuing the Garner family’s commitment to the Evermore community. His family has maintained a presence in the area for five generations, currently as the owners/operators of Garner Building Supply, Inc at Park Place.   
Prior to his election as a Board member, Chris attended CID meetings and took an active role with the Livable Center Initiative (LCI) workshops focused on the Park Place Area.
Chris, who attended Georgia Tech to study civil engineering, finds Evermore’s efforts allow him to couple his technical knowledge with his passion for community improvement. He has worked to further the CID’s mission and goals through such projects as landscaping, Hewatt Road to Killian Hill parallel access and Opportunity Zones.
Posted: 8/8/2012
Evermore Road Improvement Projects Advancing
By Staff
The CID is working on substantial road improvement projects aimed at upgrading area access and providing congestion relief.
The Hewatt-Parkwood-Britt Connector will supply an alternate, two-lane roadway for commercial traffic to drive parallel to Highway 78. Joining Hewatt Road to Britt Road will open access to Westside Court and East Street.
In addition to the connector road, Old Highway 78 will be realigned to match Walton Court across Highway 78. The new intersection will include enhanced traffic signals and improved access to Highpoint Road.  
The CID is also considering design concepts to provide access joining the new connector roadway to the improved Walton Court-Old Highway 78 interchange, which would further enhance area travel options.
The Hewatt-Parkwood-Britt project will enter the right-of-way acquisition phase in 2012 with construction expected to begin in 2013. Georgia’s State Road and Tollway Authority recently made significant grant and loan contributions to support these efforts.
Posted: 8/8/2012
New Technology Improving Commute Times
By Staff
Motorists driving through the CID will notice that new technology is in place to improve their commuting experience.

Intelligent transportation system cameras have been added at key intersections and roadway points throughout Highways 78 and 124 in the greater Snellville area.
The cameras send live images to the staff of Gwinnett County’s traffic control center. With real-time human monitoring of travel conditions, these operators are able to manually adjust signal timing to improve the flow of peak traffic.
Additionally, operators are in a better position to alert 911 dispatchers to the scene of traffic incidents and other conditions that could hinder commuters.
More information about the award-winning traffic control center, including views of live Gwinnett County traffic conditions, is available online at
Posted: 6/21/2012
Gwinnett CIDs Receive $3 Million in Grants for Transportation Improvements
By Staff

Governor Nathan Deal announced the winners of the Georgia State Road and Tollway Authority's (SRTA) 2012 Georgia Transportation Infrastructure Bank (GTIB) grants. Among the groups being awarded funding were all four of Gwinnett's Community Improvement Districts with grants totaling $3 Million.

SRTA manages the GTIB funds, as well as the grant and loan application review and selection process. Final approval is made by the SRTA Board which is chaired by the Governor.

“The GTIB program is a way for communities who are serious about investing in their infrastructure to apply for the help they need to complete or move their projects forward,” said Governor Deal. “These projects are the kind of investments that not only sustain communities, but they also strengthen communities by providing more job opportunities.”

“To date, the GTIB program has awarded approximately $20 million in grants and loans since the program’s inception which have helped fund projects with a total value of more than $100 million dollars,” said SRTA Executive Director Dr. Gena Evans. “SRTA is committed to helping communities invest in mobility solutions that enhance quality of life and provide greater access for all Georgia citizens.”

Serving as a member of the SRTA Board, GDOT Commissioner Keith Golden applauds the 11 award recipients and supports the partnerships created through the GTIB program. “In addition to providing financial support for local transportation improvements, the GTIB program has created vital partnerships with state and local governments and entities that work to keep people moving in Georgia,” said Commissioner Golden.

About the Gwinnett projects:

Evermore Community Improvement District:

The Evermore CID was awarded a $200,000 grant and a $300,000 loan for an intersection realignment project at Old US-78 and Walton Court. The project is aimed at improving safety at this intersection and enhancing access to surrounding properties.

In conjunction with this project the Evermore CID aims to create a parallel road system to improve traffic circulation, travel efficiency and safety along the Highway 78 corridor.

-Project Timeline-

            -Right-of-Way acquisition- FY 2012

            -Construction/Completion-FY 2013


Gwinnett Place & Gwinnett Village Community Improvement Districts:

The Gwinnett Place CID and Gwinnett Village CID both received $1 million grants to aid in funding construction of interchange reconfiguration projects at Pleasant Hill Road at I-85 and Jimmy Carter Boulevard at I-85.

The design chosen by both groups, known as a diverging diamond interchange, works by moving vehicular traffic onto the left side of the road when crossing onto the bridge and back across to the right when crossing the other side. This configuration effectively creates free-flowing left turns onto interstate ramps, resulting in reduced queuing in the left turn lanes. The diverging diamond interchange reconfigurations will alleviate congestion and facilitate efficient and improved operation of traffic entering and exiting the interstate by reducing the number of conflict points and reducing the number of signal phases, resulting in an increase in overall signal operation.

-Gwinnett Place Project Timeline-

            -Construction- Mid 2012

            -Completion- Mid 2013

-Gwinnett Village Project Timeline-

            -Construction- Fall 2012

            -Completion- Mid 2013

Lilburn Community Improvement District:

The Lilburn CID received $800,000 in GTIP grant funding to assist in the construction of their Main Street relocation and realignment project from US-29 to Church Street which aims to increase access to surrounding properties (including the new Lilburn Municipal Complex). Project benefits include enhanced safety and access through construction of two roundabouts, a median and intersection realignment at Main Street and US-29. The project will also include pedestrian enhancements in new pedestrian pole lights and construction of a multi-use path.

Roadway improvements will also occur on adjoining local roads to provide for adequate connectivity to the realigned Main Street. These enhancements will allow for Lilburn's Main Street to accommodate the anticipated growth and subsequent increase in traffic volume in the years to come.

-Project Timeline-

            -Construction- Winter 2012/2013

            -Completion- Winter 2013/2014

For more information on the GTIB program including grant and loan applications, guidelines, terms and loan interest rates visit the SRTA website at

Posted: 4/27/2012
Evermore CID Elects Board Members for 2012
During its April 2012 meeting, commercial property owners in the Evermore Community Improvement District (CID), elected Chris Garner and Kenny King to serve posts 3 & 6 of the CID’s Board of Directors.  During that same meeting, Mr. Garner was elected Chairman and Mr. King was selected to serve as Vice Chairman of the 2012 Board.  Bill Gower was also unanimously reelected to continue in his role of Secretary/Treasurer.
Posted: 3/29/2012
Rotary Club of Gwinnett Sunrise
By Evermore CID 2012 Spring Newsletter
While there are many Rotary Club options throughout the county, Gwinnett Sunrise Rotary is the one bringing together many of the business and community personalities that make Highway 78 great.
The values of Gwinnett Sunrise Rotary are rooted in community charities and other good works, all with a commitment to “Service Above Self.”  
During 2012, the group is sponsoring an exchange student attending the University of Georgia. Other planned civic and community outreach projects include a spring Fun Run.  
“We want to share this experience with all of the business people located in this part of the community that we serve,” said Tommy Carraway, a Sunrise Rotarian and Evermore CID Board member. “It is really a blessing to enlighten the lives of those less fortunate, especially in these tough economic times. Please consider joining us sometime soon.”  
Gwinnett Sunrise Rotary Club welcomes those with an interest in membership to visit a meeting. The club gathers every Tuesday at the Summit Chase Country Club beginning at 7:30 a.m. Evening meetings are also planned for April.   
Gwinnett Sunrise Rotary is on Facebook and has its own site -
Posted: 2/2/2012
Evermore Community Improvement District Selects Russell Landscape Group for 2012
By Staff

In its January 26th 2012 Board meeting, Evermore Community Improvement District Board Members unanimously selected Russell Landscape Group, as their choice for Landscape Maintenance Service along the Highway 78 Corridor for 2012.

Russell’s crews will begin providing service in February and will continue four times a month during the growing season, from March through October and on a reduced schedule October through March.  The goal is to keep the Corridor looking attractive, and maintain a neat appearance throughout the year. Additionally, they will collect litter and illegal signage and will keep the curbs edged and weeded.

“We are excited to have Russell back along the Corridor and we feel that within a very short time, those who travel Highway 78, will see a marked difference in the appearance of the Landscape.” says Jim Brooks, Executive Director of the Evermore CID. “This is also an excellent time to evaluate opportunities for improvements and enhancements.”

In 2011 landscape crews collected 2 tons of litter and road debris, and provided 1,100 hours of maintenance to the Highway 78 Corridor.

Posted: 1/12/2012
Best of Gwinnett 2011
By Gwinnett Magazine
Readers of Gwinnett Magazine have made their voices heard. Many of their top choices for dining, shopping and other services are found right here in the Evermore CID. Congratulations to these winning businesses!

Best Mexican Food  - Frontera

Best Bakery - Bill Rhodes

Best Salon - The 124 Group

Best Antiques Store - Ally’s Attic

Best Place to Buy Flowers - A Daisy a Day

Best Auto Mechanic - CV Experts

Best Car Wash - Mr. Clean Carwash

Best Local Festival - Yellow Daisy Festival

Best Park - Stone Mountain

Best Summer Activity - Stone Mountain Laser Show

Best School Field Trip - Yellow River Game Ranch

Best Bank - Brand Bank

Best Supermarket - Kroger

Posted: 1/12/2012
Gateway Enhancements Planned
By Evermore CID Winter 2012 Newsletter
The CID is working with the Georgia Department of Transportation to increase lighting along the bridge and interchange of West Park Place Boulevard.

This signature roadway leading into the Evermore area could greatly benefit from high-mast lighting. Right now, drivers rely heavily on their own headlights for nighttime navigation.
Additionally, the CID is reviewing its landscaping plans for improvements along West Park Place Boulevard. Professionally installed and maintained plantings will provide a unique aesthetic boost for the area.
Posted: 1/12/2012
Holiday Inn Express Renovation Complete
By Evermore CID Winter 2012 Newsletter
The Patel family and its company, Exceptional Hospitality, recently celebrated the completion of a $2 million renovation of their Holiday Inn Express-Stone Mountain, which is located in the Evermore CID.

The Holiday Inn Express is one of four properties the Patels own in the greater Stone Mountain area with their first location built in 1983. The Patels were also some of the first supporters of the Evermore effort during the CID’s formation, and their renovation investment demonstrates their commitment to the area.
“They love this community, and their heart is right there,” said Barbara Mullin, Exceptional Hospitality’s regional director of sales and marketing. “Instead of selling and moving on to another area, they chose to put their money into their property. They feel there is still a strong future in the Stone Mountain area.”
Posted: 1/12/2012
New and improved Businesses In Evermore
By Evermore CID Winter 2012 Newsletter
Dots Fashion – Moved, remodeled and rebranded
American Kids – New
Jiffy Lube – Remodeled and rebranded (both locations)
TJ Applebee’s – Remodeled and rebranded
Wal-Mart at West Park Place – Remodeled
Wal-Mart in Snellville – New
McDonalds at Knollwood – Remodeled and rebranded
Hardees at West Park Place – Remodeled and rebranded
Ken Stanton at West Park Place – New
Title Max – New
Auto Title – New
The Dublin Pub – New
Hot Buys – New
Mattress Firm – New
Alahandro’s Mexican Restaurant – New
Red Lobster – Remodeled and rebranded
State Farm – New to Ross Road
Royal Flush Plumbing – New
Cube Smart – Rebranded from U Store It
Enzo’s Pizza – New
Kaiser Permanente – New
Retail Center at Highways 78 & 124 New exterior treatment for plaza
Sleep Cheap – New
Posted: 1/12/2012
New Roadway Could Bring Redevelopment
By Staff
The Evermore CID is planning a new road to allow east-to-west travel parallel to Highway 78, connecting Hewatt Road with Parkwood Road and continuing to Britt Road.

The overall design will increase driver safety throughout the Evermore corridor while improving mobility and access in the area. As preliminary planning and engineering efforts continue, the project should launch in late 2012or early 2013.

In the meantime, the CID’s Board of Directors recently agreed to investigate a possible extension of the parallel roadway to connect the intersection of Walton Court and Old U.S. 78 at Highway 78.

The extension would bring a new traffic signal and an intersection redesign to increase traffic flow and safety at the junction. The Walton Court realignment could also open access to undeveloped land representing significant potential commercial investment opportunities.

The CID is at the forefront of organizing all aspects of the parallel road effort, including providing assistance and coordination between the Georgia Department of Transportation, Gwinnett County transportation officials and the city of Snellville.

Posted: 1/12/2012
New Wal Mart Market Place Coming Soon
By Evermore CID Winter 2012 Newsletter

A new Wal-Mart neighborhood market will open along Highway 78 near its intersection with Cambridge Drive and McGee Road. Plans call for a smaller store that focuses primarily on grocery and pharmacy needs with some limited general merchandise available.

The Wal-Mart will occupy space that once served as a dealership for recreational vehicles, but had been vacant for some time. The site was generally considered prime for redevelopment and substantial aesthetic upgrades.

Even before Wal-Mart announced its plans, CID leaders designated a roadway near the development for a much-needed transportation upgrade. This effort brought together the Georgia Department of Transportation, Gwinnett County, the City of Snellville and the CID to reconstruct and realign the Cambridge Drive-McGee Road intersection.

The improved travel pattern increases safety by eliminating the need for "u-turns” and provides easier entrance and exit from the future shopping center.

Please join the Evermore CID, City of Snellville leaders and the Gwinnett County Department of transportation on February 7, 2012 at 4:00 p.m. to celebrate the grand re-opening of the Cambridge Drive-McGee Road intersection.

Posted: 11/22/2011
Evermore CID Increases Security Patrols through the Holiday Season
By Staff
Beginning on Black Friday and continuing through the holiday shopping season, the Evermore CID is stepping up holiday security patrols of the corridor.  Currently providing security service during the overnight hours, Specialized Intelligence and Security (SIS) will also patrol the retail centers along the corridor during the daytime hours. 

“We have been very successful with this holiday program in the past few years, and want to continue to provide safe shopping experiences for those along Highway 78”. Comments Executive Director, Jim Brooks

Shoppers should notice the SIS marked cars, as early as this Friday at midnight, and will continue through the end of December.

Posted: 9/1/2011
Evermore CID Elects New Executive Director
By Staff
In a Special Called Board Meeting held today, the Evermore Community Improvement District Board of Directors elected Jim Brooks, as the permanent Executive Director.  Those present congratulated Mr. Brooks and wished him well in his endeavors.
The Board also wishes to express their appreciation of Wayne Hill who served as the Board's Interim Executive Director since, November 1, 2010. 
The next regular Board Meeting of the Evermore CID Board of Directors will be September 22, 2011 at 2:30pm, in the CID offices.
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