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Posted: 1/12/2012
New and improved Businesses In Evermore
By Evermore CID Winter 2012 Newsletter
Dots Fashion – Moved, remodeled and rebranded
American Kids – New
Jiffy Lube – Remodeled and rebranded (both locations)
TJ Applebee’s – Remodeled and rebranded
Wal-Mart at West Park Place – Remodeled
Wal-Mart in Snellville – New
McDonalds at Knollwood – Remodeled and rebranded
Hardees at West Park Place – Remodeled and rebranded
Ken Stanton at West Park Place – New
Title Max – New
Auto Title – New
The Dublin Pub – New
Hot Buys – New
Mattress Firm – New
Alahandro’s Mexican Restaurant – New
Red Lobster – Remodeled and rebranded
State Farm – New to Ross Road
Royal Flush Plumbing – New
Cube Smart – Rebranded from U Store It
Enzo’s Pizza – New
Kaiser Permanente – New
Retail Center at Highways 78 & 124 New exterior treatment for plaza
Sleep Cheap – New
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