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Posted: 9/25/2012
Collector Road Project Gets Additional Funding from Atlanta Regional Commission
By Staff
A 4 ½ mile collector road project along Highway 78 will receive additional funding from the Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC), advancing the project funding goals by $283,000. During a recent review of the Walton Court / Old US 78 LCI (Livable Centers Initiative) project, the Evermore Community Improvement District (CID) requested that the Commission review the current funding to better understand if additional financial assistance could be applied to the collector road project.

After careful review, ARC has awarded an additional $283,000 in LCI funds to be applied to the Walton Ct. phase of what has become a 4 ½ mile collector road, beginning at Walton Court and terminating at Jessica Daron Court, just above Yellow River along Highway 78. “As we neared the end of the federal fiscal year, we began working to use an unobligated balance of federal funds that would otherwise have expired. So, we offered our LCI recipients an opportunity for additional funding on shovel ready projects,” said Dan Reuter, ARC’s Land Use Planning Division Chief. “This additional funding.... helped the Evermore CID keep their project moving on schedule.”

“The project is gaining traction, and is part of an overall vision for the Highway 78 Corridor, says CID Chairman, Chris Garner. “When complete, this collector road will enhance safety, improve signalization and provide for an alternative route for those traveling along Highway 78. We truly appreciate the efforts of ARC staff in responding to our request for further review of the project, and we look forward to fully developing these improvements in the coming years.”

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