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Posted: 9/11/2012
Transportation Projects Funded With Assistance Grant From the Georgia DOT LMIG Program
By Staff

In a letter received last week from the Georgia Department of Transportation, the Evermore Community
Improvement District (CID) confirmed that it has been awarded $500,000 in LMIG (Local Maintenance Improvement Grant) funds to be applied to one of several connector road projects currently being developed along Highway 78.

In recent weeks, leadership from Evermore CID and Gresham Smith & Partners met with County, State and Georgia DOT officials to determine if a series of connector roads along US 78 would qualify for funding through the LMIG program.  The primary objective of these funds is to assist local agencies and governments in improving roads and highways in local jurisdictions. Generally, these funds are used for repair,maintenance, and “last mile connectivity.”  While there is no specific timeline for the project, the grant will enable the connector road at Old US 78 and Britt Road to be expedited. 

“We are very pleased the Georgia DOT, through the cooperation of Former Chairman Rudy Bowen, and Commissioner Keith Golden, has identified this phase of the connector road project as a priority and thus made this grant available for this Evermore CID road project. This ½ mile project is a centerpiece of two existing Federal Highway projects currently underway, and will ultimately tie together the vision for improving safety and creating alternatives for commuters traveling along Highway 78.” comments, CID Board Chairman Chris Garner.
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