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Posted: 8/9/2012
Board Member Profile - Evermore Chairman, Chris Garner
By Staff
The CID’s Board of Directors this year selected Chris Garner to serve as Chairman for 2012-2013.
Every year, member property owners elect their Board of Directors to lead CID efforts. The CID Board then selects officers to take on expanded leadership roles.
Chris has a history of participating in CID initiatives, continuing the Garner family’s commitment to the Evermore community. His family has maintained a presence in the area for five generations, currently as the owners/operators of Garner Building Supply, Inc at Park Place.   
Prior to his election as a Board member, Chris attended CID meetings and took an active role with the Livable Center Initiative (LCI) workshops focused on the Park Place Area.
Chris, who attended Georgia Tech to study civil engineering, finds Evermore’s efforts allow him to couple his technical knowledge with his passion for community improvement. He has worked to further the CID’s mission and goals through such projects as landscaping, Hewatt Road to Killian Hill parallel access and Opportunity Zones.
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