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Posted: 8/8/2012
Evermore Road Improvement Projects Advancing
By Staff
The CID is working on substantial road improvement projects aimed at upgrading area access and providing congestion relief.
The Hewatt-Parkwood-Britt Connector will supply an alternate, two-lane roadway for commercial traffic to drive parallel to Highway 78. Joining Hewatt Road to Britt Road will open access to Westside Court and East Street.
In addition to the connector road, Old Highway 78 will be realigned to match Walton Court across Highway 78. The new intersection will include enhanced traffic signals and improved access to Highpoint Road.  
The CID is also considering design concepts to provide access joining the new connector roadway to the improved Walton Court-Old Highway 78 interchange, which would further enhance area travel options.
The Hewatt-Parkwood-Britt project will enter the right-of-way acquisition phase in 2012 with construction expected to begin in 2013. Georgia’s State Road and Tollway Authority recently made significant grant and loan contributions to support these efforts.
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